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Grow Your Business Without Being Consumed by it

Learn how to use AI or work with me in a more personal setting to grow your business sustainably, quickly, and enjoyably. 

thanks to ai, you can put a halt to the long hours

More Visibility, More Speed, More Impact -- without sacrificing quality

Use AI to turn your long hours into long “completed” lists.

ai group sprint

Dedicated "Get it Done" Time

Click the button below to find out about the upcoming work sprint, Book Week. During this AI work sprint, you’ll have an insider’s view at exactly what steps I’m taking to write a book with AI, any templates I’m using along the way, and the ability to ask questions live. While I’m doign it, you can too and we’ll both walk away with a finished book.

— Christina paulden,

ai copy club

Start Using AI in Your Business Today

AI Copy Club is the most affordable and understandable way to use AI in your business. In this ultra affordable membership, you’ll learn how to do things like…

  • –Automate your customer service replies (with AI-generated responses) 
  • –Create quality content, fast 
  • –How to create LinkedIn articles, blog posts, and more from a single video
  • –How to use the most necessary AI tools

"I just had a one on one with Brittany and my mind is blown! Again! I am a solopreneur and had never heard of Chat GPT - that was the first time she blew my mind. Then I joined her AI Copy Club. Wow! So much in there and more keeps coming every week...again mind blown! Then I decided I needed some one on one time to really focus on my business. We did so much in that hour! I can't wait to reach my goals faster!"

— lisa pozzoni,

1:1 done-for-you

Fan of Outsourcing?

If you prefer to work 1:1 with Brittany so you can move faster with AI or get AI set up for your business, book your hour-long spot with the link below. If you prefer to “do” instead of “learn”, this option is best for you. 

We're a good fit if...

You don't want to work all the time

I’m a big advocate for loving the work you do without letting work consume you. If you want to work all the time, then we’re probably not the right fit. I take Fridays (and Saturdays and Sundays) off. I frequently take weeks off for trips with my family or to go to a conference. I work with business owners who want to have hobbies, who want to breathe in fresh air, who want profit without panic.

You’re an action-taking entrepreneur

If you don’t want to just talk about what’s possible, you want to do something about it too, we’d be a dynamic duo.

You want to make a difference

You don’t just care about making a good life for yourself, you also want your audience to be better off because they know you. You care about the people you work with.

AI Copy Club

Is copywriting eating up all your time? You know good copy is important for your business, and you’ve heard AI can help but you feel like you’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible for your business with AI, or what you’ve tried isn’t working as well as you’d like. 
With a library of all trainings PLUS new trainings every month, case uses (like “How to Use AI as a Business Coach”), recipes (like the step-by-step to use AI to set up your podcast — with prompts), 200+ prompts, two live implementation calls (with replay recordings) and the ability to submit a question, you’ll find this $9/mo membership is the absolutely best $9 you spend all month. 

AI to $100k™

Beyond the Business Plan Private Podcast

Get an inside look at the realities of running a successful business on a family-first view of a 4-day workweek with the Beyond the Business Plan Private Podcast. I’ll share my ups and downs in business, plus the strategies, collaborations, and challenges I’m experiencing daily. Hear about what works, what doesn’t, and the journey of stepping out of comfort zones. Subscribe now for a raw, real, and relatable business podcast.