How to Use AI to Create a Bank of Scroll-Stopping Hooks

In this blog post, I’m going to guide you through the process of using AI to create a bank of hooks that will capture your audience’s attention on social when there is plenty to distract them. 

Step 1:Tell ChatGPT the Outcome You Want

Start by defining the outcome you want. For this exercise, we aim to generate 50 effective hooks. Remember, you might not get all 50 perfect on the first try, so be prepared for some back-and-forth refining. 

Step 2: Tell ChatGPT About Your Audience

Try these prompts to clarify your audience.

PROMPT (If your client isn’t clear on their audience): I’m going to tell you who my audience is and I want you to help  me gain more clarity around who the audience is at a deep, psychological level. Sure, I want you to assume demographics, like age, etc. but mostly I want to know what makes them tick.What gets them excited, what keeps them up at night, what their deeper motivations are and why they do what they do. 

PROMPT 2 (if you already have a clear picture of your audience and just want ChatGPT to remember it): I want you to review the audience document attached and update your memory with this information.

Step 3: Clarify What You Want by Giving Examples and Non Examples

Share with ChatGPT  what you mean when you say “scroll stopping”. What is an example of a good hook? What is a non-example?

Try this PROMPT: I want you to help creating a hook bank for my audience. I want you to think like a blog post writer who has to contend with thousands of other pieces of content. The hooks CAN’T be basic. For example, if you say “7 Ways Emails Can Help You GRow Your Business”, first that’s so boring and second, that’s so overused. Nobody is going to click that because no one cares about it. It sounds like everyone else. We need something more interesting. Like “The 7-Minute Email That Generated an Additional $9,744 this Week”. You can see it’s much more specific too. 

Write 20 more hook ideas that would appeal to my audience, are super juicy and specific and interesting and so hook-y that you feel like you’d be missing out if you didn’t click. The topic is around using AI for mom entrepreneurs.

You can also tell ChatGPT to avoid words like “unleash,” “unlock”, and other typical ChatGPT-favored words. Avoid phrases like “imagine this”, “picture this”, and “hey there, mompreneurs”.

Tell ChatGPT to instead, aim for hooks that are:

Not sure what will be scroll-stopping for your audience? Give ChatGPT information about your audience and ask it to make assumptions.

Step 4: Review and Refine

Once ChatGPT gives you the 50 ideas, it’s time to refine them. Give specific, clear feedback. 

Here’s an example of the PROMPT I used when giving feedback:

“How I Used AI to Save 10 Hours a Week and Still Grow My Business” <“save 10 hours a week” not super juicy. A different number like 11, 14, 9 would be more interesting than 10. Also not super outcome related. Like why would they care about saving 10 hours a week. What does it mean for them? “Still grow my business” way too vague, too boring, sounds like everyone else. 

“The AI Tool That Handles My Invoices While I Play with My Kids” <pretty good, Maybe slightly more specific like “The $7 AI tool that…”

“From 5 AM Chaos to Smooth Sailing: AI Hacks for Busy Moms” <barf, hate it. I like the 5 am chaos part but smooth sailing is general, boring, not descriptive. I don’t know anyone who says “you know what I really want? smooth sailing”. ai hacks for busy moms too vague not descriptive enough, doesn’t really say why they’d even care because the smooth sailing is too vague 

With this feedback, please try again with 20 more

Step 6: Iterate and Improve

Continue this process of giving feedback and refining until you have a solid list of hooks. Specificity is key.

Step 8: Create a GPT for Consistency

To save time in the future, consider creating a customized GPT (or even dedicated chat). If you go this route, the documentation you’ll need to include is:


Creating a bank of scroll-stopping hooks for Instagram requires a blend of creativity, specificity, and continuous refinement. By following these steps and leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT, you can generate engaging hooks that resonate with your audience and enhance your content’s impact.

Remember, the key to effective hooks is making them relatable, intriguing, and emotionally engaging.

Next Steps

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