AI Helps Entrepreneurs Beocme More Productive

Time is our most precious resource. It’s what I wanted most after my health scare in 2016 when I realized my own mortality, and as I get older, what I wish for more than anything else. I realized if I could boost my productivity, I could thrive as an entrepreneur, yes, and also as a mother, a wife, a friend, a human. I embrace AI so I’m able to boost my productivity, because without the help of AI, I find a never-ending to-do list and I know how quickly that can lead me down the path of burnout and overwhelm.

AI is a powerful tool that can help you spend less time on mundane or repetitive tasks and more time on the parts of your life that you enjoy most. Some of the ways you can use AI to increase productivity include content generation, email management, and customer service. In this blog post, we’ll explore how AI can boost your productivity and help you thrive as an entrepreneur, along with my top 5 tips for using AI to boost productivity.

Using AI to Save Time and Increase Productivity

Incorporating AI into your business strategy requires careful consideration of your specific needs and goals. While AI has immense potential to save time and increase productivity, successful implementation involves a balance between human expertise and AI’s capabilities. Embrace AI as a tool that complements your efforts, ultimately enhancing your ability to drive your business toward success.

A few ways you can save time with AI include:

1. The 10x Mindset: Possible with AI

Recently I read the book 10x is Easier than 2x. In this book, the author said that most of us spend 80% of our time on tasks that don’t really make a difference. He suggested it’s easier to focus on the 20% that moves the needle forward instead and by doing so, you’re able to 10x and move faster towards your goals. The problem, at least in the past, with this is that you’d have to hire a team to take that 80%. Sure, some of the 80% of what you’re doing can be automated. Some of it can be eliminated. But certainly not all of it. And if you didn’t have a large team to take on the remainder, you’d be out of luck. With AI though, you can lighten your load to the point that you may not need a giant team. Either you can get parts of the 80% done faster yourself (with the help of AI) or you can hire fewer people to do the 80% with the help of AI.

2. AI for Content Creation

Time management is the cornerstone of a successful entrepreneur. AI tools can become your trusty ally in automating tasks like generating content, managing emails, and even handling customer support. By delegating these tasks to AI, you free up valuable time to concentrate on strategic planning and creative endeavors.

A few of my favorite tools that have saved me massive amounts of time include:

1. or Minvo : These tools cut up your long-form videos and turn them into shorter clips. They use AI to identify where to cut up the videos, and then they automatically add captions with color on the most important words. I like slightly better to use AI to cut up the longer form videos into shorter form videos. I like Minvo better for everything else – the captions, the emojis, etc. 

2. Connecting Zapier, OpenAI, and Gmail: You can create draft replies to emails – this saves me a lot of mental energy staring at a blank email and wondering how to respond. 

3. ChatGPT and Claude: Great for copy – I like to add my transcripts in so it gets my voice, tone, and style much faster. Sometimes ChatGPT will be acting weird, and when that happens I go to Claude. 

3. Overcoming Obstacles: AI for Small Teams

If you’re an entrepreneur with a small team, or a solopreneur looking to add a team member or two, one of the most time consuming parts of having a team is training the team and ensuring everyone is following the procedure you’d like them to, the one you have perfected in the time you were doing that task. One of my favorite ways to train my team and also ensure everyone is on the same page is with a combination of Loom and AI.

Loom is a screen recording tool. The next time you have to complete a task, record yourself completing that task. Talk about what you’re doing and why. Then when the new person comes in (or when you hand this task to your team member), they can take the transcript from Loom and upload it into ChatGPT (assuming it’s not proprietary), and then ask ChatGPT to create the SOP.

4. Achieving Work-Life Balance: The AI Advantage

Avoiding burnout is essential for long-term success. AI can help you strike a balance by automating mundane tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your well-being and spending quality time with loved ones.

Q: Is adopting AI in my business complicated or expensive?

A: While AI may have seemed complex in the past, it’s more user-friendly than ever and most AI tools are easy to get started with, and there are affordable options available. AI is an investment that pays off by optimizing your operations and scaling your business.

The adoption of AI in your business might seem like a complex and costly endeavor at first glance, but when you break down the benefits and consider the available options, you’ll find that the investment can be both manageable and highly rewarding.

While there might be some initial complexities and costs associated with adopting AI in your business, the potential benefits far outweigh these challenges.