AI Resources

AI to $100k Year-Long Program

AI to $100k is the comprehensive program to help you add AI into your business holistically without wasting time or hiring a giant team. For solopreneurs and entrepreneurs with small teams, AI to $100k is a year-long program complete with support, AI training, and even daily AI tasks and prompts. If you’re tired of overworking and want to use AI effectively to help, this is the program for you. 

AI Copy Club Membership

AI Copy Club is your ultra affordable AI membership to get started with AI and discover all the ways you can use AI in your business. The AI Copy Club also features AI prompts, trainings, “Recipes” and more. 

AI Book Week

For entrepreneurs who are tired of the polished (but ultimately fake or highly edited) view of what is realistic with AI, this raw, unedited and unfiltered livestream will follow me around for 3 days to see what it really takes to write your book with AI. Watch me create an authority-building book using ChatGPT in just 3 days — and get ALL my prompts so you can do it too. 

Train Your AI Team Masterclass

In this easy 5-step process, you’ll learn how to utilize ChatGPT to identify the AI roles you need on your team, how to create the job description for each role with ChatGPT, how to train your AI team member in a ChatGPT chat (even if you don’t know what tasks someone in that role normally does) and best practices for the best results. 

Create Your Own Custom Prompts Masterclass

This masterclass that will show you how to create your own custom ChatGPT prompts. Gain the knowledge to create your own custom prompts with this super affordable, one-time payment.

Business and Marketing for Business Owners

Marketing Strategy and Consultation​

Work with Brittany 1:1 in a Marketing Strategy and Consultation Call. Clients come to Brittany for marketing plans, to review and dissect what is and isn’t working in their business, and offer creation help, to name a few. 

Beyond the Business Plan​

Experience an unfiltered, honest look at the strategies I use in my membership, courses, speaking engagements, and agency work, including the highs, lows, and everything in-between. You’ll get the whole story – the successes, the stumbles, and the invaluable lessons learned along the way. Plus, you get to ask your burning questions about my strategies and how they might translate to your business.

Revenue Room

 Turn your Zoom Waiting Room into a Revenue Room. The Revenue Room comes with a step-by-step video and PDF guide, a ready-to-use customizable template, and expert insights from successful entrepreneurs who’ve used this method to bring in sales while people wait for a meeting. With Revenue Room, you’ll have all you need to set up your own interactive virtual billboard, even if tech isn’t your strong suit. 

**The page is inspired by Elizabeth Goddard who introduced me to this concept.**