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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we’ll start with a strategy call to determine what you need. Book your strategy call here. 

Not only does Brittany have time for both, she also takes Friday, Saturday, Sunday (and sometimes Thursday, too) off to be with my family. She primarily does this through the use of AI, evergreen strategies, automations, a small, powerful team, ads, and the belief that we are all more than the work we do. 

Head here and download the “120 Ways to Use AI in Your Business” guide. This is the perfect place to start. 

It depends on the tool you’re using. Brittany strives to only share the best tools that are also priced for the sustainability-focused entrepreneur. 

Yes, reach out to Brittany here so we can sort out the details. 

Reach out to the Impact Driven AI team at Brittany[at]ImpactDrivenAI[dot]com.