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You're So Much More Than the Work You Do

Impact Driven AI helps entrepreneurs like you live a regret-free live through evergreen strategies, automations, and AI tools. 


We Believe in a Life Where Ambition and Fulfillment Coexist...

And where the pursuit of success does not come at the cost of personal happiness or the precious moments shared with our loved ones.

We embrace the power of mindset, using our thoughts, beliefs, and actions to purposefully shape our reality and create a better future for ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world. We strive to learn, adapt, and evolve on our never ending personal growth journey.

We recognize the importance of financial freedom while also extending our aim beyond monetary gain and into a life of complete, lasting, and generational abundance.

We value strategies and tools that enable us to thrive without sacrificing well-being, using our abundance of time and other resources to create a world where entrepreneurs can enjoy the fruits of their labor without burning out.

Together, we are the architects of our destiny, the creators of our own success stories and the igniters of the same hope for others. Our mission is to help 100,000,000 entrepreneurs take Fridays off to spend with their families because they’re using AI to take more time off and work less.

Expand Your Quality of Life

Impact Driven AI was created for the purpose-focused, mission-minded, fulfillment-fanatics, and ambition-driven in mind. 

The premise is this: Use AI to stabilize or scale your business faster then find out who you are outside of work. Take Fridays off. Spend time with your family. Learn a new hobby — one that you don’t need to make money from. 

You love your work — we do too. We believe it’s possible to love your work and continue to operate your business from a place of joy and abundance… without becoming so obsessed with it that deathbed-you regrets it. 

thanks to developments in artificial intelligence, we've found

The Place Ambition and Fulfillment Can Finally Meet

AI Copy Club

We created this to be the most understandable and affordable AI resource on the planet. 

With a library of all trainings PLUS new weekly trainings, case uses (like “How to Use AI as a Business Coach”), recipes (like the step-by-step to use AI to set up your podcast — with prompts), 200+ prompts, two live implementation calls (with replay recordings) and the ability to submit a question, you’ll find this $9/mo membership is the absolutely best $9 you spend all month. 

Custom 1:1 AI Integration Sessions (Virtual)

The biggest obstacle to using AI to save time and make money?

Knowing what you can do with it. In these 1:1 strategy sessions, we dive into the specifics of your business to identify the ways in which AI can streamline your operations, copy, and more. We arm you with a set of custom prompts and strategies to make AI a powerful ally in your entrepreneurial journey. 

AI Work Sprints

These focused group sessions are perfect for those who prefer hands-on, specific learning. 

We concentrate on a focus topic, such as “Sales Copy with AI”, and for 90 minutes, we explore, learn, and create together. 

"Brittany Long is doing some amazing work on how to use AI in your business and personal life."


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Get the Behind the Scenes Scoop

When I first came into the online space, I had the opportunity to work closely with my boss, a brilliant marketer, who shared ALL the highs and lows, plus the behind-the-scenes thought process of what was and wasn’t working for her business. Because of that, I was able to move much faster in my own business. I want to bring that same “behind-the-scenes” blitz-like growth to you with my member-only Behind the Scenes private podcast.

ai work sprint

Register for Our Next Live AI Work Sprint Here

Is the reason you’re not making the sales you want due to your sales copy? Whether you’re starting fresh with a brand new offer you can’t seem to write the copy for or you have a sales page that needs to be updated, with the next AI Work Sprint, you’ll walk away with your sales page copy written and your sales emails planned out in just 90 minutes. Led by Brittany Long, an experienced teacher turned AI expert, this hands-on session provides guided prompts, troubleshooting, and personalized support to help participants craft their own high-converting sales page. 

Free resource

120 Ways to Use AI in Your Business

Discover 120 different ways you can start using AI in your business today. The biggest obstacle in using AI is knowing where to start and this list of 120 different ways to use AI will give you that starting place. 

Yesterday was the best day to start using AI. The next best day is today. Click the link below to get your free copy of 120 Ways to Use AI. 

Get to Know Brittany

Known as the Queen of Evergreen and founder of AI Copy Club, the most affordable, understandable way to learn AI, Brittany Long is an award-winning former educator turned digital marketer and evergreen email copywriter. 

Years ago, she had a cancer scare that turned her world upside down and forced her to take a long, hard look at how she was living her life. She realized much of her life revolved around work and while she loved her work, she knew death-bed Brittany would care more about the time she spent with family. 

She decided to make a change. She was going to create the exact life I wanted. One that was family-focused without sacrificing profit. One that was peace-filled without losing my ambition or drive. One that impacted hundreds of thousands of people without overwhelming her. A writer by trade, Brittany is still the CEO of her second brand, Win with Systems, but saw the shift happening towards copy editing as soon as ChatGPT came out. While Win with Systems continues to impact business owners through her evergreen sequences, she spends most of her time helping entrepreneurs implement AI into their business.