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Making Money Everyday is Possible for Everyone

Whether you’re a billion-dollar company or a brand you started last week, making money everyday (without working all the time) is possible for you. With the help of AI you can create quality content faster, become more visible without hiring a giant marketing firm, create better experiences for your customers, create your offers, your copy, and your systems with more ease. 

120 Ways to Use AI in Your Business Today

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AI Copy Club

Is copywriting eating up all your time? You know good copy is important for your business, and you’ve heard AI can help but you feel like you’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible for your business with AI, or what you’ve tried isn’t working as well as you’d like. 
With a library of all trainings PLUS new trainings every month, case uses (like “How to Use AI as a Business Coach”), recipes (like the step-by-step to use AI to set up your podcast — with prompts), 200+ prompts, two live implementation calls (with replay recordings) and the ability to submit a question, you’ll find this $9/mo membership is the absolutely best $9 you spend all month. 

AI to $100k™

Beyond the Business Plan Private Podcast

Get an inside look at the realities of running a successful business on a family-first view of a 4-day workweek with the Beyond the Business Plan Private Podcast. I’ll share my ups and downs in business, plus the strategies, collaborations, and challenges I’m experiencing daily. Hear about what works, what doesn’t, and the journey of stepping out of comfort zones. Subscribe now for a raw, real, and relatable business podcast. 

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About impact driven ai

Meet the Founder, Brittany Long

Brittany is an award-winning former educator who transitioned into the online space around 2017. She’s been known as the Queen of Evergreen and creator of the only email marketing agency to work only with Evergreen emails. As AI has become more accessible and user friendly, Brittany has leaned in to it, creating the most affordable and understandable way to use AI in your business, AI Copy Club. She believes that ambition and fulfillment can co-exist and it’s possible to create a business that’s fulfilling, funds the lifestyle you want, and helps you create a legacy for generations to come – and AI is part of that! With big dreams and an even bigger heart, Brittany doesn’t think small – she dreams big, looks for solutions, and helps others do the same. 

"I'm so grateful for your AI Copy Club, Brittany! It has been WAY more valuable than other courses I've taken that were 100x the price."

— MARY CZARNECKI, MACMarketingPartners.com

AI Workshops and Tools

Whether you’re a coach, course creator, author, or something else in the online space, there’s an easy-to-use training for you or your team that’ll make working in your business (and making money in your business) faster, easier, and more enjoyable. 

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AI Copy Club

AI Copy Club is the most affordable, most understandable way to learn how to use AI in your business. 

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